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One-to-one experience

One-to-one experience

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- 1 one-to-one lesson
- After the purchase is completed, go to the appointment consultation to fill in the appointment time, and a consultant will contact you
This program needs to complete the first course within 20 days after the appointment is completed.
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XBody one-on-one experience

XBody uses a simulated brain to transmit nerve signals, and outputs pulse wave stimulation signals through the device, which are transmitted to the muscles to cause contraction, so that the muscles have the effect of resisting weight and resistance, enhancing training and sculpting results, and can accurately target the muscle groups to be trained. Combined with fitness exercises, you can train the entire body's muscles at once, thereby accelerating fat consumption and muscle formation.

To do XBody exercise, you must first put on exclusive training clothes, and transmit pulses through water spray. Finally, connect to the machine to increase the weight. The exercise also stimulates the body's frequency pulses, so it can reach 2 in just 30 minutes. -3 hours of intensive training effect.

Retrain one-on-one experience

Under the one-on-one guidance of professional coaches, you can enjoy the highest-end Monolith series of the boutique fitness brand Panatta, which is 100% made in Italy. It is developed for ergonomics and is designed from free weight training. It has passed the strict review of professional athletes to ensure the safety of the equipment and its performance. Best performance for sports applications.