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VIP box areaVIP Room

Independent box design with high privacy and stunning view

It provides an exclusive personal and comfortable space for coaching classes, and can also be used as a group class classroom for exquisite small classes.

The comprehensive facilities allow you to enjoy the edification of body, mind and soul at ajoice and immerse yourself in the space design rich in humanities and art.

Let exercise be a romantic experience

Training Area

From exercise goals to Visbody 3D body composition analysis, first understand the exercise needs and then discuss the exercise content with the coach

Then through the exclusive import of Xbody from Hungary and the top-grade Monolith series of Panatta boutique fitness equipment imported from Italy

Whether it is upper limbs, lower limbs, core, aerobics, stretching and relaxation, through technological training, you can achieve your sports goals more effectively and safely

Suitable for people of all ages to exercise and tailor their own sports and fitness journey according to individual needs.

Training Room

The joy of sharing together, the fun of sweating together

ajoice barre, yoga, Pilates, aerial yoga, with complete assistive equipment and comfortable classroom space

Unknowingly sculpt the body lines and complete every challenge in the space with confidence and ease, making exercise fun and interesting


Your Me Time Space

The most comfortable washroom removes external stress and fatigue after exercise. The space provides face wash, body wash, and facial skin care products.

Take a natural essential oil steam bath, and finally use a Dyson hair dryer to comb your hair.

ajocie provides the most comfortable bathroom space, making you look more beautiful and confident after exercise

Members lounge area Lounge

As soon as you step out of the elevator, you will have a panoramic view of the most beautiful scenery in Dazhi from the lobby to the bar.

Immerse yourself in the different scenery during the day and night, with healthy drinks and light snacks from ajoice Bar

Enjoy a taste of quality life accompanied by the music selected by the venue

Reception at the counter

Welcome to ajoice

Start your life journey in ajoice with warm service and smile

Learn about the life journey of ajoice here and solve all your problems in ajoice

ajoice Bar

Isn't happy hour any time?

You can also eat healthily and happily while exercising. We jointly develop healthy and exquisite light meals with Texture Cafe

Delicious meals and drinks satisfy your taste buds, every moment at ajoice is a happy hour