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Orocor initial energy

I always believe that happiness and joy have long been embedded in human genes, and that all kinds of negative pressure and imbalance are only temporary and can be released through natural healing. OROCOR is a progressive practitioner who can lead people to pursue physical and mental balance, create a field of all-round healing, release stress to the maximum extent, and achieve the end of happiness and joy.

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YUKA is women's sportswear that is 100% designed and manufactured in Taiwan, integrating the brand's unique appreciation for craftsmanship, quality and beauty. With an open and evolving spirit, YUKA creates durable and comfortable sportswear, bringing modern women a fashionable taste that combines strength and beauty.

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Fragrance Skincare


Originating from the UK, it represents a luxurious, elegant, natural and organic lifestyle. Founded by the aristocratic Dame Carole Bamford, Bamford perfectly interprets the founder's taste and philosophy, advocating the art of living, using natural plant extracts and traditional fine craftsmanship to create long-lasting and pure bathing, body care, and fragrance creations that truly nourish the soul and the soul. skin, conveying the brand promise of beauty and happiness.

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19 again

Starting from essential oils and aesthetics, we develop a series of fragrance care products to provide the most warm companionship to everyone who is struggling at work and life. Learning to relax and adjust body and mind after stress is an indispensable skill for everyone in today's era. We all need to find the most suitable way to pamper ourselves, from life to soul.

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Derived from the wisdom of 40 years of authoritative skin care in the United States, from the perspective of natural science and the pursuit of healthy skin, we create a set of cleansing, nourishing, protective, repairing and revitalizing skin care products for your skin, making your skin more perfect.

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