about Us

Excellent location

ajoice is located on the 6th floor of Hongguang Building near the core business district of Neihu Dazhi in Taipei City
Convenient transportation, close to Jiannan Road MRT Station Exit 2, 1 minute away

In the Hongguang Building, which is close to the Miramar business district, which is lively but not noisy
There are bus stop signs and many parking spaces around, and the parking space of Hongguang Building is open for ajoice members to get a discount on parking

A space that perfectly combines fashion X sports X art and comfortable texture gives you a new experience of the sports boutique club. Enjoy the superb view of the Ferris wheel, a boutique gym that combines fashion fitness and social entertainment

Artistic, textured living atmosphere

The whole floor of ajoice has high floor-to-ceiling windows with a wide view, which makes exercise more relaxing. You can overlook the daytime scenery and beautiful nighttime scenery of the Dazhi area. The dressing room uses high-standard equipment:
Dyson hair dryer/comfortable bathing/careful facial skin care products Members can make reservations to use essential oil steam room and aerobic equipment

In addition to providing high-quality services, special events will also be held from time to time
Shaping trendy boutique sports hall indicators, perfectly combining fashion sports and art
Grow in professional high-quality service and aesthetic and fashionable space enjoyment
Let sports become a part of life, long-term self-transformation

Exclusive private exercise space

Reservation system is adopted, free admission is not open
Control the flow of people at this time and provide a comfortable exercise space
The number of group classes is 6‑8 members can have good class quality
A full range of facilities allows you to enjoy the cultivation of body and mind in ajoice
Immersed in the space design rich in humanities and art, making sports a romantic experience

Diversity Curriculum

The main group courses of ajocie are ballet sculpture, aerial yoga, yoga, Pilates
Planning courses according to the needs of different ethnic groups
Offers body sculpting, deep relaxation and popular aerial yoga classes
Let you travel on the journey of self-growth while releasing the pressure of life

Exclusive selection of top high-tech boutique fitness equipment

Introduced the latest model of the Hungarian brand XBODY, which is popular with European and American athletes, stars and models
High-tech training that gives body frequency pulse stimulation by wearing equipment all over the body
Each 30-minute training effect is more than 2‑3 times that of general weight training
Not only can effectively train the main muscle groups of the whole body, increase muscle strength and reduce body fat
It can also train cardiorespiratory capacity, and because there is no weight-bearing pressure, it is safer for the joints
Through different mode settings, three exercise effects can be achieved: muscle strength training, aerobic training, and relaxation
XBODY training can also improve the body's cellulite, make the skin firmer, and achieve the effect of body anti-aging