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XBODY EMS training

30 minutes of unarmed training can achieve the effect of 1-2 hours of retraining

XBody from Hungary is an EMS training brand that has passed the global national security certification. It uses EMS pulse signals to stimulate deep muscles to accelerate fat burning and sculpt the body more efficiently. No need to bear weight, reduce joint damage, and avoid joint burden

The 30-minute content includes muscle strength mode, aerobic mode, and relaxation mode, suitable for training of all ethnic groups

理想體態| 一週只需30分鐘 x 2次

VISBODY Body Assessment

360° 3D full-dimensional physical measurement AI human body quality analysis

Arrange a class of body composition analysis before exercise Accurate measurement of skeletal posture plus physical fitness test Customize exercise menu according to physical condition to achieve training goals more efficiently

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one-on-one weight training

Use the Italian boutique fitness brand Panatta

Developed for ergonomics and passed strict audits by professional athletes to ensure the safety of equipment and give full play to the best performance of sports applications

Made with 100% Italian arts and crafts, whole-body muscle power sculpture, upper limbs and back line sculpture, strengthens and tightens hip and leg lines, combined with XBODY to enhance muscle sensitivity

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group course

Barre | Aerial Yoga | Yoga | Pilates

The ajocie group class is the first to introduce the most popular Barre in Europe and the United States, combining ballet, yoga, and Pilates, focusing on core training, muscle strength and line sculpture, to exercise an elegant figure and temperament

Together with yoga masters in the industry, you can release your mind and express yourself in various yoga courses and aerial yoga

Plan courses according to the needs of different ethnic groups, provide body sculpture, deep relaxation and popular aerial yoga courses, so that you can enjoy the journey of self-growth and release the pressure of life at the same time

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  • 尊榮環境

    一踏入ajoice,便能立即沈浸在酣暢優雅的氛圍中,是一種身、心、靈三方富足的生活體驗。大面窗景、Lounge Bar 和多功能空間完美營造休閒感都會美景盡收眼底,時日變化,置身於不同迷人光影面貌。健身運動之餘,亦能沈澱思緒、昇華心靈。

  • 專業團隊


  • 飲食營養


  • 頂級盥洗


  • Wealth Young Oil ★★★★★

    It's a very relaxing and great fitness environment. Today I'm taking a ballet class with CACA teacher. The ballet class is not about swan dance! It's a very fulfilling group class that trains the whole body.

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  • Jason Yu ★★★★★

    During my second visit to Ajoice, XBody is indeed a fitness exercise worth several times. In addition, coach Caca is kind and kind. He trains on the areas we need to strengthen and cares about our physical condition from time to time. It is really great to exercise here. Rest assured, in addition to the fact that the sports equipment will not cause sports injuries, the coaches and service staff will also provide considerate care. It is worth coming back again and again!

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  • HY ★★★★★

    The fitness club has small classes and a reservation system. The environment is very clean, quiet and not crowded.
    Provide high-quality and precise physical fitness testing, Visbody, heavy training, Barre and other courses. Recommended coaches Caca and Jeffy, happy and stress-free teaching, both are very kind and professional!

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  • 58driver★★★★★

    The environment is great,
    Professional yoga teacher,
    Keep thinking about the students,
    Welcome to join the ballet sculpture group class with Kaka teacher Üna, haha
    The 1:1 Xbody is also very powerful

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  • Lowen Zhang Xiaoqiang★★★★★

    We arrived at a high-quality club that has a view of the Miramar skyscraper and is very private. It is located at Exit 2 of Jiannan Station of Dazhi MRT. This club specializes in Xbody and Barre.
    This time I’m experiencing Xbody
    It is a technological exercise that I have never been exposed to before. It completely combines all-round muscle strength and aerobics. Simply put, it uses electric current to stimulate deep muscles. I usually do heavy training. After this experience, I experienced the feedback of my body. I am very impressed and will want to plan to do it once a week in conjunction with my usual weight training to achieve an effective combination! The coaches here are all beauties. Everyone is welcome to come and experience it.

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  • Wendy H ★★★★★

    The course arrangement is small and challenging, which is different from large fitness centers. Teacher Kaka carefully adjusts the movements one by one, taking the students slowly into the correct movements, so that my fleshy feet can be accurately trained to the point, and the exercise effect is improved in a short class time. (Also, the environment is great, and the whole body and mind are liberated😎) Looking forward to class next week~

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