Space tour. Tainan Anping Pavilion

training area

Through the large floor-to-ceiling windows, you can admire the green palm trees, exuding a sunny atmosphere, and immediately feel as if you are in a California resort, making exercise a kind of enjoyment. The spacious training area provides exclusive Visbody and Xbody fitness equipment, allowing you to enjoy comfortable and safe exercise. A perfect sports space that combines fashion, advanced technology and warmth and comfort to create a unique sports environment for you.

Pilates instrument bed classroom

The well-designed Pilates bed classroom is a highlight of ajoice Tainan, equipped with complete Pilates equipment: Reformer shaping bed, Stability Chair, Ladder Barrel, and Cadillac bed. Our coaches are all professionally trained and certified and can help you truly achieve physical and mental balance and repair.

Group class classroom

The group class classroom adopts a high-ceiling design to create an open and bright space, allowing you to challenge yourself with dynamic music. Whether you prefer aerobics, aerial yoga, strength training or mat yoga, our diverse classes will leave you feeling satisfied and accomplished.


In order to allow you to feel the highest level of pleasure after fitness and create an elegant and soft atmosphere that fills the space, we provide top-of-the-line shower facilities equipped with Dyson hairdryers. Allows you to clean up easily and rejuvenate in a comfortable environment.

We hope that at AJOICE Tainan, you will not only be able to enjoy professional sports courses and equipment, but also feel our attentive care for every member. Let's work together to achieve health, vitality and beautiful life goals. Let us accompany you to achieve a better you!