ajoice 3-Day XBody EMS Trainer Workshop

Why is ajoice XBody EMS training essential for your fitness expertise or business approach?

  • Our workshop offers comprehensive training that enables you to master the movements thoroughly and provide outstanding service to delight your customers.

    • Introduction to the World of EMS & EMS Theoretical Knowledge
    • EMS Teaching Preparation Process
    • EMS Training Method Structure
    • Technical Problem Solving: Common Technical Issues in EMS Courses
    • XBody EMS Training offers 4 Training Models: Personal Training, Group Training, Home Training, and Outdoor Training
    • Integrating XBody EMS with Strength or Weight Training
    • Briefing on XBody EMS 7 Foundation Fitness Movements and EMS Training Plans
    • Combining XBody EMS with Various Training Methods
  • Course Schedule

    • Day 1: Theoretical Foundations, Equipment Familiarization, Basic Introduction, Crisis Management
    • Day 2: Instructional Techniques and Training Sequence
    • Day 3: Hands-on Practice, Live Drills, Written Examination with Notes Allowed (Retakes available for those who do not pass the first stage)

ajoice is championing a new era in the fitness industry with its innovative EMS technology, which is gaining international acclaim. Its success extends beyond premium centers in Taiwan, reaching several countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand.This international recognition speaks to its outstanding functionality and design, highlighting its value and impact not just in Taiwan, but across the world.

  • TAIWAN 2024.4.26 - 2024.4.28

    Taipei, Taiwan
    Address: 6th Floor, No. 199, Jingye 2nd Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City
    Contact: +886-909-935-955

  • TAIWAN 2024.5.3 - 2024.5.5

    Tainan, Taiwan
    Address: No. 139, Section 2, Yonghua Road, Anping District, Tainan City
    Contact: +886-909-935-955

  • MALAYSIA 2024.6.21 - 2024.6.23

    Contact WhatsApp: (+60)177043628

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Question: Do I need to have experience in trainers to participate in the workshop?

Not necessarily! Our training classes are open to everyone, from the general public to trainers. We hope that you have a certain level of physical activity habit before enrolling in our courses. This is to ensure that you feel comfortable during the training and can easily connect with the exercises!

Question: I don’t plan to become a trainer, can I still join the workshop?

Answer: Absolutely! It's common to participate in training for self-improvement! If you're interested in enhancing your personal skills and embracing new trends in tech-driven fitness, we always welcome you to be part of this! The most important part of the entire training is the experience. Absorb the teachings and complete your assignments. You'll learn a lot about yourself, your body, and your mind, including your strengths and areas that need improvement.

Question: How much is the workshop fee?

Workshop fees differ across countries; however, we are pleased to offer complimentary training for our full-time trainers, whereas our part-time trainers benefit from a 50% discount on workshop fee.