ajoice body assessment VISBODY

360 ° 3D full-dimensional physical measurement AI human body quality analysis

ajoice exclusively introduces AI body quality analysis

Understand your body composition, bone and joint arrangement before exercising

Then conduct professional analysis and analysis, and plan courses according to needs and customization

12-item core body composition analysis

Exclusive use of VBDA (Volume Density Method) & BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Method)

Medical-grade bioelectronic anti-sensors that accurately analyze the various components of the human body

Body circumference automatic measurement

Using AI vision technology to measure hip, leg, chest, waist and hip circumference

360° realistic 3D anatomy, combined with static and dynamic body assessment

Comprehensively analyze physical problems and obtain the most accurate data analysis in the shortest time

And display the gap ratio before and after, providing accurate data to evaluate the effect of sports

3D Posture Assessment

360° all-round body alignment analysis

Through human body three-dimensional bone point detection technology

Complete body tilt, knee joint, pelvic forward and backward tilt, etc.

Free professional consultation process Schedule / The whole process is about 45 minutes
1. The consultant visits the environment, introduces ajoice venues and services
2. Professional coaches measure Visbody analysis and give professional course suggestions
3. The consultant listens to your needs and assists in creating your own ajoice journey