ballet sculpture barre

Ballet Sculpture | Stretch Ballet Sculpture

  • ballet sculpture barre

    . Combining elements of Pilates and ballet, combined with music, classes are more than just exercise, they're a pleasure.

    . Increase endurance, sculpt lines, improve body flexibility, strengthen core, and correct posture.

    . Add core training on the mat and hope that the moment you step out of the classroom, you will not only feel tired after the workout but also feel like you are standing straighter.

    . In addition to adding assistive devices in a timely manner to enrich the course, the feedback given to the body through the assistive devices will allow you to feel the use of muscles and enhance body awareness.

  • Stretch Ballet Sculpture Barre stretch

    . A full-body aerobic workout that combines ballet stretching and ballet sculpture in a soothing class style, plus stretching and strength training.

    . It is suitable for students who want to stretch and sculpt their body lines. It is also the best choice for those who are just starting to take ballet sculpture courses.


Basic Yoga | Aromatherapy Yoga | Flow Yoga | Light Flow Yoga | Core Yoga | Yoga Wheel | Aerial Yoga

  • basic yoga

    . The speed is slow, suitable for yoga beginners, while allowing you to experience the flow on the mat.

    . There are many explanations on the breakdown of movements, helping students understand how to enter the posture rather than just the external form, cultivate concentration and self-awareness, and invest in the movement and inhalation and exhalation. It can improve the practitioner's physical strength and flexibility. , improve breathing, sleep, and improve thinking clarity and concentration.

  • Aromatherapy Yoga

    . Integrating the aroma of essential oils and yoga body shaping, it is a fashionable exercise that relieves stress, relaxes and maintains health.

    . In the fragrant environment of essential oils, through the breathing method of yoga, the body is fully integrated with the aromatic essential oils while breathing in and out, not only to achieve the unity of body and mind, but also to completely stretch and relax the body through the sense of smell.

  • flow yoga

    . The movements are like flowing clouds and flowing water, focusing on the seriality of breathing and movements, and the posture changes from slow to fast.
    . Naturally generates heat energy from within the body, improves cardiopulmonary capacity, promotes detoxification and metabolic circulation, and awakens muscles everywhere.

  • light flow yoga

    . Suitable for beginner and intermediate yoga practitioners.

    . Enter each arranged sequence with a gentle, smooth and uninterrupted rhythm.

    . It helps eliminate distracting thoughts and focus on the present, allowing people to think more clearly, promote cardiovascular function, increase flexibility, relax stiff joints, and tighten muscles.

  • core yoga

    . Focus on safe and correct postures, understand your own body structure, and gradually increase the intensity of movements through sequence arrangements.

    . Improve muscle strength, enhance joint activity, focus and relax, and train limb awareness.

    . Strengthen the focus on core training, strengthen the muscle strength of the abdomen and back, and use the body's own weight and gravity as resistance and assistance to stimulate the operation of all parts of the body.

  • yoga wheel

    . The gentle class pace is suitable for all students.

    . Relieve tight muscles, improve body flexibility, strengthen the core, and help relax the back.

    . Through the assistance of the yoga wheel, yoga postures are made easier to complete and more challenging, allowing the body to achieve stretching, strength and balance training.

  • aerial yoga

    . By supporting the body with a hanging cloth and using the power of gravity, movements that are usually difficult on the floor can be completed more easily, and the spine can be stretched under the influence of anti-gravity.

    . Focuses on balance, core, flexibility, strength and concentration to improve full-body coordination and body control.

    . We will provide appropriate connections in each class so that every student can travel in the sky and find the most beautiful version of themselves.


  • Pilates

    . Pilates is a whole-body exercise, and its movement design revolves around the six principles of control, core, concentration, accuracy, and smoothness.

    . Improve posture, relieve back pain, sculpt lines, and correct posture

    . In view of the different living habits of modern people, we provide more different guidance, such as breathing, establishing shoulder stability, increasing the mobility of the spine, and through reviewing training and integration to stabilize the core effect. We pay more attention to training than training volume. The quality of the process emphasizes concentration and control.


Assistive stretching|Deep stretching

  • Assistive device stretching

    . Suitable for all students.

    . Assistive devices help maintain the stability of the body in yoga poses, effectively support and protect the body and assist the body in entering the pose.

  • deep stretch

    . Full-body programming, deep stretching exercises for the whole body. Paired with deep breathing, stretch each part of your body and feel the connection, change, and unfolding of each other.

    . Restore elasticity to fascia, promote blood circulation, smooth lymphatic flow, and enhance body flexibility.

Developing a sense of dance Choereography

Dance shaping | Developing a sense of dance

  • dance shaping

    . Suitable for beginners, it can be combined with music rhythm and slightly sexy body rhythms to experience a rhythm training course of self-exploration and sculpture from warming up and taking the initiative to gentle relaxation.

    . Combining aerobic rhythm and muscle strength training with curve sculpture to achieve the purpose of all-round training.

    . Exercise cardiopulmonary function, strengthen muscle strength, and strengthen core stability.

  • Developing a sense of dance

    . The practice of dance rhythm, combined with coordination training, will present a small work before the end of each class, allowing each student to leave the classroom with memories and relish the experience of the class again.

    . The dance is choreographed in a routine, emphasizing personal style. Each teacher's choreography style is different. The important thing in this class is to express thoughts and convey a state, and it also emphasizes the expression of emotions.

  • boxing muscle strength

    • Warm-up exercises for muscles and joints, followed by carefully choreographed fighting moves, then punching the sandbag, and finally ending with strength training and stretching exercises.
    • You'll have a one-hour high-intensity, tension-based fitness boxing class. You can use this to empty your mind and enjoy the pleasure brought by exercise.
    • Fitness boxing has many effects. It can not only improve cardiopulmonary endurance, strengthen muscle strength, sculpt the body, but also heal the soul. The fitness component is relaxing and stress-relieving, while hitting the boxing target and punching bag helps build confidence.

    In short, fitness boxing is a fun and high-intensity fitness exercise that can help you exercise your cardiopulmonary function and maintain physical health.

  • Entry empty loop

    • Suitable for novices and students with no basic knowledge, they will start practicing from the basic movements of the empty ring.
    • Use a steel ring to perform series actions such as stretching, bending, rolling, swinging, and rotating in the ring.
    • Focuses on core muscles, flexibility and balance, muscular endurance training, skill sets and rotational techniques.
  • high intensity interval training

    • Suitable for students who want to exercise their abdominal core, burn fat, and challenge advanced courses.
    • Taking abdominal core training as the main axis, combined with high-intensity interval training, it can burn calories and fat in a short period of time. Compared with long-term exercise, short-term and high-intensity HIIT weight loss exercise is better for fat loss and sports performance improvement.
    • Combining music, whole-body rhythms, and coordination of the upper and lower limbs, it uses standing and mat exercises with kettlebells and other assistive equipment to train the abdomen. Interspersed with multiple sets of interval movements, it can train the heart and lungs and improve body metabolism.
  • check in

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    (2.) If no one is waiting and there are vacancies, you can still make an appointment to sign in before the course starts
    (3.) You must enter the classroom 10 minutes before the start of the class to prepare for the class will start on time
    (4.) If you cannot enter the classroom 15 minutes after the start of the class, you will be assisted in canceling/rescheduling the class
    (5.) You can sign in to the next class 5 minutes after the end of the class

  • Course Waitlist

    (1.) If the class is full, you can wait online
    (2.) If a member cancels, he will be directly on the waiting list. If you want to cancel the class on the waiting list, please cancel 3 hours before the class at the latest
    (3.) The latest notification time for candidates is 1:00 before class
    (4.) Change to on-site standby 1 hour before class and no online standby will be notified

  • Course Cancellation

    (1.) Cancellations must be made no later than 3 hours before class
    (2.) Failure to attend after appointment and no cancellation of the course will be deemed as completion of a course
    (3.) If you cancel within 3 hours before the class or fail to attend the class after the appointment, the system will issue a yellow card
    (4.) If you accumulate 2 yellow cards within 14 days and the APP is suspended for 7 days, the 3rd time will be regarded as the completion of a course
    (5.) You cannot use the APP to make an appointment during the suspension period, you can only make an appointment by phone/consultant/on-site