Exclusive view of Dazhi Ferris Wheel! Ajoice, a boutique sports hall, holds grand opening with star-studded gatherings

(Life Center/Comprehensive Report) The "International Boutique Fitness Center ajoice", which is located in Taipei City's Dazhi District and has the most beautiful sky view of the Ferris wheel, will be launched on 6/2! We provide customized one-to-one exercise services and use group courses to deliver and share happiness, conveying that every second is a journey of self-growth. Enjoy every scenery during the exercise process. The Ferris wheel is close at hand to accompany your exercise time, and you can experience the cityscape day and night. , travel on the journey of self-growth, and at the same time release the stress of life. On the first day of the opening, many well-known artists made a pilgrimage, making the scene star-studded, including UTA Araku Uchi, who is known as the third generation of the most handsome star in Japan, Feng Xiaoyue, who recently made her acting debut at Huadeng and is extremely popular, and Wang Xintian, a tall and well-proportioned supermodel who loves water sports. , Malaysian artist Jiang Kede, warm-hearted boy Liu Baihong, forest girl Sun Rui, and soul singer Zheng Shuangshuang were all present to experience and participate in the opening ceremony.
Picture/Ajoice Boutique Fitness Club Dazhi has a grand opening. The manager Huang Kailun takes a group photo with Liu Baihong, Sun Rui, Jiang Kede, UTA Uchida Araku, Feng Xiaoyue, Wang Xintian, and Zheng Shuangshuang. provided by ajoice
ajoice’s exclusive HERMÈS level technology smart boutique fitness equipment Panatta
VisBody and XBODY, the only 3D intelligent body measuring instruments in Taiwan, allow you to enjoy the joy of exercise. ajoice provides the Hungarian XBODY, which is popular with European and American athletes, celebrities, and models around the world. It transmits micro-current signals to allow muscles to passively contract, and is combined with simple fitness Movement, so that the joints do not need to bear weight, which can achieve a fitness effect of 1-2 hours. It also introduced VisBody, Taiwan's only 3D intelligent body measuring instrument, which can scan skeletal posture through 3D technology. During training, the exercise content can be accurately adjusted according to the posture, so as to achieve the target efficiently. For heavy training, Panatta, a high-quality Italian fitness equipment, and the Monolith series with HERMÈS grade reputation are introduced.
Picture/Wang Xintian and Jiang Kede experience Taiwan’s exclusive Xbody weight training without weights. provided by ajoice
ajoice's group courses are the first to introduce the most popular Barre in Europe and the United States. It combines ballet, yoga, Pilates, art and sports, focusing on core training, muscle strength and line sculpture. It combines the industry's yoga masters to allow everyone to combine traditional yoga and In the movement of aerial yoga, you can gain spiritual release and self-expression. The club also thoughtfully arranges reservation-based nutritionist services on-site, allowing members to make their bodies more beautiful and confident through matching diet and maintaining nutritional balance. It is expected to open a store in Tainan and enter Malaysia by the end of 2022, and provide a comprehensive organic nutrition and sports ecosystem through global online live broadcast. It is expected to create job opportunities and create a nutritional science and art education college to practice the concept of all-round healthy living. . (More about: XBODY ajoice , VisBody )
Movie star Feng Xiaoyue has always paid great attention to a balanced diet and maintaining his body shape. His personal regimen coincides with the concept of ajoice. Feng Xiaoyue, who is now a father, takes care of his family and his own diet every day without interruption. I take time off from busy filming to maintain the best body shape through fitness exercises. I am also very much looking forward to the arrival of the international brand ajoice in Dazhi, Taipei. I attended the opening of the ajoice boutique fitness club today and experienced Xbody on the spot. Under the professional guidance of the brand, we use exclusive HERMÈS grade technology and smart boutique fitness equipment, the highest specification Monolith series among the Panatta brands.
Photo/Feng Xiaoyue personally visited ajoice as the opening ribbon-cutting guest, and was the first to experience Xbody and demonstrate the secrets of daily fitness and maintenance. provided by ajoice
Photo/Feng Xiaoyue and Jiang Kede enjoy healthy light drinks from ajoice bar and share a good time. provided by ajoice
Through Xbody, Panatta weight training equipment and freehand training, multiple one-on-one exercise programs can make personal precise exercise goals more efficient. Drink a healthy light drink after exercise to instantly relieve fatigue after exercise. Movie star Feng Xiao Yue, actor Jiang Kede and supermodel Wang Xintian experience a complete sports life together at ajoice. They have a profound experience that ajoice really cares about the original intention of conveying to people the concept of nutrition and health and happiness from the heart.
Augustus Wong, founder of ajoice: Exercise is a happy choice

" Real health should be both happiness and good health. I want to bring happiness to everyone who knows ajoice through exercise." This is the original intention of Augustus, the founder of ajoice. It took nearly 2 years of preparation. In every corner, you can feel the atmosphere that combines service, art, and high-quality life to create surprises for guests. The brand's purpose is "becoming your true self" to convey that at ajoice, you are who you are, and every aspect of you is precious and unique and deserves to be cherished. , and gain happiness and confidence in the process of becoming yourself.
Picture/Ajoice founder Augustus Wong Exercise is a happy choice. provided by ajoice
The Augustus family has been developing green organic nutritional products and promoting healthy living for more than 20 years. At the age of 15, he went to the U.S. Navy and Army Academy to exercise his willpower and cultivate life discipline. During this period, he was influenced by sports culture and actively participated in various sports. Not only did he lose weight Re-sculpting the body is an important way to recharge oneself and socialize. Through exercise, life can be made more fulfilling and enjoyable. This attitude towards life inspired the concept of "exercise is a happy choice and a part of life" and brought it back to Asia, where health and happiness coexist. , from physiology to psychology, from the inside out, using good eating habits combined with the basis of nutritional science to make health last longer, which has since given birth to the birth of ajoice.

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